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Joyce Short

Author & Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

Joyce Short is the author of Carnal Abuse by Deceit, and Combating Romance Scams, Why Lying to Get Laid Is a Crime! Her personal experiences with sexual assault launched her on a path to raise awareness and seek legislative solutions. She advocates for victims of all types of sexual assaults, helping them seek justice and recover their dignity. She was awarded a “Woman of Distinction” honor by The NY State Assembly in 2017 and has numerous media credentials. Her website, http://www.ConsentAwareness.net, helped a federal prosecutor convict a serial rapist with 30+ victims.  

Watch Joyce's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imr5ZiAY_ao

Abbey Sager

Abbey Sager

Founder & Executive Director, Diverse Gaming Coalition

Abbey Sager is a student at Southern New Hampshire University studying Business Administration with a concentration in Nonprofit Management. Putting her skills to use, she is the Founder and Executive Director of Diverse Gaming Coalition, a 501(c)(3) dedicated to ending online and real-life bullying and harassment through modern concepts and pop culture.

Sager is also the co-author of “Life On The Outside”, an anti-bullying comic-book following high-schooler Asher Phoenix and their struggle with bullying and their non-binary identity. This tool is used across schools and universities around the country to better educate youth about bullying. The comic has been recognized by organizations such as I See Bullying and #ICanHelp and celebrities such as Fall Out Boy.

To learn more about Diverse Gaming Coalition, please visit http://www.diversegaming.co

Watch Abbey's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKhYVDf6H0o

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Erin Pudlo

Middle School Teacher, Ursuline Academy

Joining Ursuline Academy in 2010, Erin Pudlo currently works in the Middle School as a teacher of students, life, lessons, love, and occasionally English Language Arts. With a passion for pushing the envelope both in an out of the classroom, Erin works to challenge what it means to be a learner in today’s ever-changing landscape while holding firm to the notion that middle-schoolers are the best schoolers.

Watch Erin's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7aOqzhXKN3Q


Auriela Garcia

11th Grade Student, Concord High School

Auriela Garcia is currently a Junior at Concord High School, and a member of TeenSHARP, a college prep program that catapults exceptional students of color to their futures as top leaders. There, she has grown as a student and as a person, from demonstrating leadership to discovering her passions. Auriela is also the oldest sister of six siblings, and she is always devoted to spending all her time with them, and becoming a positive role model. She attended P.S. duPont Middle school where she discovered her passion of playing the violin and hopes to someday give private lessons to kids who share the same zealousness as her. Auriela is an avid reader. It was not until she took an AP Language and Composition course that she found her love of writing, and her aspirations of becoming an International Journalist.

Watch Auriela's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xR8qXhvwTNc

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Abigail Wilson-Kageni

10th Grade Student, The Circle School

Abigail Wilson-Kageni is a 15-year-old student of The Circle School in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Ever since she can remember, Abigail always knew her brother had something great within him despite his Autism diagnosis at age 3. As he began to soar with his interest in music and piano playing, Abigail thought about how she could find her own passion.

During her time as a Scholastic Kids Reporter, and involvement in many other programs, Abigail became interested in the arts. She focused on its connection with mental disabilities and their effects on others. Her interest in mental disability brought her to find the similarities between high-functioning autistic individuals - like her brother - and people like herself. Namely how goals are set and accomplished by each.

Watch Abigail's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEoXnvNzUCI


Annabel Gioffre

11th Grade Student, Ursuline Academy

Annabel Gioffre lives in Wilmington, Delaware and is currently a junior at Ursuline Academy. In her free time she enjoys skiing, running, and is very involved with her church community. Her dream college is to be in the warm atmosphere of Charleston, South Carolina attending The College of Charleston. Coming from a big family of dentists, after college Annabel plans to go to dental school, and eventually pursue her dream of being a dentist and owning her own practice. Annabel also wishes to serve her country in the air force before starting her own family. She has spent countless hours volunteering for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and in 2017 Annabel raised more than $18,000 for blood cancer. She is always ready to volunteer and serve her community and wants to continue with her passion of helping children in need. Her outgoing and extroverted personality helps her to be a positive influence in her community.

Watch Annabel's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnGmHKEdDNo

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Lilly Ridgely

11th Grade Student, Ursuline Academy

Lillian Ridgely is a junior at Ursuline Academy. She has a strong desire to help others and give back to the world. She plans to join PeaceCorps after college and do work for the environment and education in the third world. She enjoys pursuing art and poetry in her free time, along with making necklaces that she sells. Her goal is to spread the message of connecting to the deeper profound self which can help change people’s lives tremendously.

Watch Lilly's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FXvsu_-8r50

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Dorcas Ntindai

My name is Dorcas Ntindai, daughter of Lemalon and Ann Kelleken family, Kenya. I started my primary education in Namelok, Kajiado County, Kenya and completed my primary school, near where my parents live.  In 1999 I was married by Mutero who is my husband and we are blessed with 5 children. – 4 daughters and 1 boy.

I am a pre-school teacher and a farmer.

I want to encourage young people to use their time well to learn when they are in school. If they misuse their time they cannot get a second chance.

Watch Dorcas's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tldDorq2DDk


Chidi Wosu

Scrum-Master for Payments Technology, JP Morgan Chase

Chidi Wosu is a Scrum-Master for the Payments Technology group at JP Morgan Chase. Previously, Chidi has worked on several different technology platforms around the bank including Mortgage Technology, Card Technology, and Investment Banking Technology. She formerly worked in the business analysis sector for Rembrandt IP Management, creating systems in order to track viable patent infringement cases. Chidi currently coaches a technology team in agile as well. With over 6 years of experience in agile, she has become an expert. She currently holds three certifications in this area, including being a Certified Scrum-Master, Certified Less Practitioner, as well as a Certified Product Owner. She graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, to later on further her education at Saint Joseph’s University graduating Suma Cum Laude with a MBA in Finance. As a hobby, Chidinma has founded the “She Will Initiative”, which is focused on motivating young woman to be there best and complete selves. She also published the motivational book "I Will" last summer.

Watch Chidi's TEDx Talk here: https://youtu.be/040wurun2EU

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Justin Shaifer

Executive Director, Fascinate Inc.

Justin J. Shaifer is the Executive Director of Fascinate Inc. He is a passionate STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics) advocate. He travels the country exciting students about STEM. He creates and implements culturally relevant STEM content into educational institutions. He is most known for his main projects, The Magic Cool Bus and 'Hood Science, the animated series.

Watch Justin's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Ad00XQ3JD0


Cyntiche Deba

11th Grade Student, Alexis I. duPont High School

Cyntiche Deba is a currently a junior at A.I. duPont High School. She is a student at TeenSHARP, an organization that prepares young people of color to get prepared and admitted to the nation's top colleges. Her biggest dream is to inspire others to go against the societal norm. She is currently learning how to play the saxophone and despite all its difficulties and obstacles, she refuses to give up. She is a part of an organization called the Youth Advocacy Council and is trying to raise awareness for the lack of teacher diversity in Delaware schools.

Watch Cyntiche's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0p9iqXFJbBU


Alex Sharpe

11th Grade Student, Appoquinimink High School

Alex Sharpe is a junior at Appoquinimink High School, a member of TeenSHARP, and a member of the Youth Advocacy Council. Alex is currently enrolled in AP courses, and it was his experience being one of the only students of color in these classes that inspired his TEDx talk. Over the course of ten months, he researched the topic of teacher diversity to gain clarity around why there were so few teachers of color, as well as students of color, in these rigorous tracks. With his talk, Alex hopes to explore the root causes of the teacher diversity crisis, encourage school boards to hold districts more accountable to this issue, and inspire students like him to aim high in the meantime.

Watch Alex's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kibLwLEMexY


Shanea Higgin

10th Grade Student, Charter School of Wilmington

Shanea Higgin is currently a sophomore at The Charter School of Wilmington. She’s also a scholar in a nonprofit program called TeenSHARP, an organization whose mission is to help low income minority students become leaders and gain acceptance into top colleges and universities. In her current talk, she will speak about what it means to have power in faith in order to achieve goals. She’s very excited and can’t wait for you to hear her story.

Watch Shanea's TEDx Talk here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z--zUWqP0nQ


Joshua Gunter

11th Grade Student, William Penn High School

Joshua Gunter is a Junior at William Penn High School. While advancing on his journey to greatness, Joshua has established one-of-a-kind credentials. In 2016, he won first place in the Delaware Teen Idol, the largest young talent showcase in the state. Joshua has also appeared in a popular New York based magazine called the FADER, where he and his colleague raised awareness about the life of a teenager living in Wilmington, Delaware. Joshua’s goal in life is to touch as many people as possible in order to change their conceptions about what it's really like to be a young African American male.

Watch Josh's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OvLWxTr8Hrk


Alondra Posada

11th Grade Student, Ursuline Academy

Alondra Posada is currently a junior at Ursuline Academy. Alondra participates in three sports, including varsity field hockey, soccer, and track & field. She currently volunteers at Faithful Friends Animal Shelter, and volunteered this past summer at Tyler’s Camp teaching children a new sport along with teamwork and perseverance. Alondra has been working hard for the past two years to help her mother start up and continue her new business, Veronica’s Kitchen Catering Company. Alondra hopes to further her education in learning Portuguese, Mandarin, and French fluently in college and major in physical therapy with a minor in Latin American Studies.

Watch Alondra's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6N8Zk_EY6G8

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Mia Gifford

10th Grade Student, Ursuline Academy

Mia Gifford is a member of the graduating class of 2020 at Ursuline Academy in Wilmington, DE. She is a member of the Ursuline mock-trial team, and the Ursuline lacrosse team, but also plays for the Greene Turtle club team in Delaware. Mia was involved in many service projects such as the Ursuline Red and White lacrosse camp as a coach to middle-schoolers, Tyler’s camp as a leadership coach (a summer collaborative program to teach inner-city, Wilmington youth how to play lacrosse), the Susan G. Komen "Lax for the Cure" tournament to help raise and donate money for breast cancer research, and an assistant coach during Wilmington Wings lacrosse practices. As a passion, Mia fights the continuing battle against veteran suicide.

Watch Mia's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4AM_mv3Efk4

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Joseph Larasha

Maasai Elder from Kenya

I am Joseph Larasha from Amboseli, underneath Mt. Kilimanjaro, at the border of Kenya and Tanzania.

I am a livestock keeper and keep cows, goats, and sheep. I keep them as the main source of getting food, money clothing and all other basic needs for my family. It was not easy to start, but it works now and is helping a big number of people in Kenya to have clean water.

Watch Joseph's TEDx Talk here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jSop9tpxuWM